Durga Puja 2019 date & Time all Information

Durga Puja 2019 date & Time all Information

  • Durga Puja 2019

2019 Durga Puja all Dates and Times in India. Durga Puja is one of the biggest festival in india Because at this festival every Indian enjoys these four Day of Durga Puja. Durga Puja Is Called as Durgotsav or Saradotsav and it is celebrated all over India and is the most important festival in West Bengal.

Durga puja 2019 date and time
Durga Puja 2019

Durga Puja 2019 date in India calendar

  • Durga Puja 2019 dates

1. Mahalaya -  28th September, Saturday
2. MahaPanchami - 3rd October, Thursday
3. MahaShasthi - 4th October, FryDay
4. MahaSaptami -  5th October, Saturday
5. MahaAshtami -  6th October, Sunday
6. MahaNabami - 7th October, Monday 
7. MahaDashami - 8th October, Tuesday 

Durga Puja Dates In 2019 2020, 2021 and 2022

  • Durga Puja Calender

2019   October04,2019   Friday       (Maha Sashti)
           October05,2019   Saturday    (Maha Saptami)
           October06,2019   Sunday      (Maha Ashtami)
           October07,2019   Monday     (Maha Navami)
           October08,2019   Tuesday     (Maha Dashami)

2020    October22,2020  Thursday   (Maha Sashti)

            October23,2020  Friday       (Maha Saptami)
            October24,2020  Saturday    (Maha Ashtami)
            October25,2020  Sunday      (Maha Navami)
            October26,2020  Monday     (Maha Dashami)

2021   October11,2021  Monday       (Maha Sashti)   
           October12,2021  Tuesday       (Maha Saptami)
           October13,2021  Wednesday  (Maha Ashtami)
           October14,2021  Thursday     (Maha Navami)
           October15,2021  Friday         (Maha Dashami)

2022   October01,2022  Thursday    (Maha Sashti)  
           October02,2022  Friday        (Maha Saptami)
           October03,2022  Saturday     (Maha Ashtami)
           October04,2022  Sunday       (Maha Navami)
           October05,2022  Monday      (maha Dashami)

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Durga Puja 2019
Durga Puja 2019 dates
Maa durga

  • About Durga Puja

Dura Puja is the Biggest Festival for Bengalis and Bengal. It is a Festival of Four Days Maha Sashti, Maha Saptami, Maha Ashtami,
Maha Navami and Maha Dashami. These Four Day Bengali's and Muslims, Hindu, Christians, Buddha, Jain, everyone enjoys and feel the Durga Puja. In the Globe, where Bengali people there you can see Durga Puja. Mainly Durga Puja Means Six day of excitement, feel, and enjoy. 
1. Mahalaya, 
2. Maha Sashti, 
3. Maha Saptami, 
4. Maha Ashtami, 
5. Maha Navami, 
6. Maha Dashami

1. Mahalaya
Mahalaya Observed 7 Days Before the Durga Puja. It is the beginning of Devi Paksha and ending of Priti paksha. Mahalaya is an auspicious day for Bengalis. On this Day every Bengali wake up at 4 am and they wait for the Mahalaya Program which is Shown on Tv. This Programme first start on Duradarshan Chanel.

2. Sashti 
Sashti is the day when Maa Durga Descends on Earth with her four Children Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kartikeya, Ganesh. Colourfull idol of these Goddess are Handcrafted and Installed On Every Mandap.

Saptami is the day when pandit invoked them. Maa Durga and her children. Banana tree is also important in Durga puja banana tree is worship as Ganeshas wife. 

In asrami we worship durga as  a kumari. This is also known as kumari puja.

Nabami is known as Fire ceremony. At the evening we offer fire to goddess Durga as Maha Arati Utsav.

6. Dashami
We offer vermilian powder to Maa Durga in Dashami. And this is the Last Day of Durga Puja. Maa Durga Return her home(kailas) in Dashami.


  1. How Durga Maa Coming to 2019

Maa Durga arrives on Elephant, Horse, Boat, Buffalo, palanquin.
This year Maa Durga Descend on Horse, And She will also return in Horse.

Mahalaya Video from youtube

  • Old Mahalaya By Birendra Krishna Bhadra From Youtube

  • Mordern Mahalaya 

1. The person who worship durga puja he become happier person.
2.  Person blessed with protection and sequrity.
3.  Person become rich.
4. Person is free from evil eyes.

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