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1.Gayatri mantra - A Universal Prayer - meaning & Significance - Activation Of Kundalini Energy & Scientific



Gayatri mantra is known as the mother of all mantras.

Gayatri mantra - A Universal Prayer - meaning & Significance

2.Gayatri Mantra:

Gayatri Mantra In Sanskrit

ओम भुर भुबह स्वः 
      ततः स्वाबितुर बारेंनियम 
      भर्गो देवस्या धीमही 
      धियोह योः नः प्रचोदयात 

In English


3.General Meaning Of Gayatri Mantra:

 " O Divine Mother, Our hearts filled with Darkness. Please Make this Darkness Distance from us and Promote Illumination within us"

4.Meaning of every word In Gayatri Mantra:

oum stands for universal energy, that means you are invoking the whole positive energy of mother earth.

vur stand for past when you spell vur in this mantra that means you are seeking for healing the past karmas.

bhubah stands for the present, by spelling the word you are more awaken from the past to create more positivity in your life that means you are connecting your mind body and spirit in present moments.

swaha stands for future, it means you are more concern and follow to growing more in spiritual level.

tat stands for the ultimate reality when you could feel past, present and future you could feel more awaken.

savitur the source, here the source means the sun. The more you concern about the source the more you will be knowing the truth about life, how to make it brighter in any dimension.

Bareniyam - 
bareniam stands for adoring (to be worship).

Illumination (The Divine Light), we are invoking the 

level white light to clear our bad karma.

devassya the divine grace(ultimate truth).

dhimahi stands for meditating the holy energy.

Dhi- dhi stands for intellect.

Yo- who

Nah- ours

Prachodayat- requesting/praying

5. Who is Mother Gayatri:

Gayatri is the mother of all Vedas that means she is the mother of all wisdom. It is said that wherever we chant Gayatri she is present here. Mother Gayatri means she is the mother of the whole universe, mother Gayatri protects nourish each particle of the earth. The one who chants it he/she always blessed with the greatest wisdom (medha).

6. Significance and Benefits Of Gayatri Mantra:

Significance and Benefits Of Gayatri Mantra

6.1 Significance
The man who wants purity in thought, deeds and karma after reciting it on a daily basis he/she get his all desires to fill. Sages (sadhu, Santa) do chant this mantra to clear all the seven chakras.
1.Crown chakra
2.Third eye chakra
3.Throat chakra
4.Heart chakra
5.Solar plexus
6.Sacral chakra
7.Muladhara chakra( root chakra)
When we utter the mantra, it's every word activates the different chakras.

6.2 Benefits:

1. It increases concentration and focus.
2. It releases the black magic( all types of curses).
3. Anyone can be parabrahmma by reciting it day by day.
4. It gives us abundance.
5. It gives us prosperity and eternal peace.
6. It makes the surrounding positive.
7. Keeps you energetic.
8. Connects you with the higher self to grow in the spiritual path.
9. You feel the spiritual entities guiding you in critical situations.
10. Its gives you the ability of solid decision making.
11. Chanting of this can give you the power of baaksidhhi ( whatever you say that will happen ).
12. you can open your third eye chakra.
13. you can control your emotions.
14. you can purify your thoughts with the help of this.
15. The vibration/frequency of this mantra keeps away evil eyes
16. when you feel some unnatural feelings or paranormal activity this mantra will help you a lot

7. Best time for chanting Gayatri mantra:

Brahmma muhurat is the best time to invoking the holy god or goddess. If you are not able to chant it at this time, then you can chant in the evening just after sunset.

This is called the Universal mantra, Gayatri means prana. She exists in our bodies and all the living entities. Reciting it, means we are invoking Gayatri, Saraswati and Savitri too -the holy goddess.

8. How to Chant Gayatri Mantra:

Mantra is the set of holy words by which we express our needs or desires to the divine energy. Likewise, when we need something from our parents we keep our words in front of them to make our desire fulfil like this when we seek or need something we pray to god by mantras. Mantra is the way by which we can connect ourself with the divine energy call god. Specific mantras have specific meanings when we chant this, we praying for deep intellect, unbreakable goals, and successful life. You can chant the mantra 3,6,9,15 times in a day or 108 times with any rudraksha mala (108 times means the sacred number). After taking bath in the morning and before going to sleep at night (must be clean cloth) finds effective for increasing life pattern.

8. Source of Gayatri Mantra:

Source of Gayatri Mantra, vedas

The Gayatri Mantra, also known as Savitar Mantra, is a highly revered mantra from the Rig Veda( Mandala 3.62.10), dedicated to Savitar, The sun deity. Gayatri is the name of Vedic meter in which the verse is composed.

9. The Importance of Gayatri Mantra:

Gayatri means Savitar mantra which is stands for light over darkness. Light means prana, by reciting this mantra we are connecting our prana with the higher energy and to grow in every aspect of life.

10. Gayatri mantra is so powerful:

It is a universal prayer to god. It boosts our memory, knowledge and power. As it gives us concentration power that means we can control our mind over bad karmas and win the battle of life.

10. Which God is Gayatri Mantra Dedicated to?

Gayatri Mantra, Gayatri Mantra deditated

It is a highly revered Mantra from Rig Veda, Dedicated to Savitar, the Sun Deity

11. Does Gayatri mantra improve memory:

Another Great Benefit of this mantra is that you can develop your concentration and Memory power to a great extent. The vibration which is created by the chanting of this mantra is directly working on the three Chakras of your body, and therefore it is helping your brain, eyes, sinuses and lower head.

12. Does Gayatri Mantra work?

As this mantra is called the mother of all mantras it always works. It is said that when we utter the word "Gayatri" mata Gayatri reaches there to touch our soul.So that it is always working.

13. Gayatri mantra used for What?

This mantra used for practice or Japa for spiritual growth.

14. Gayatri Mantra Meaning In English:

The eternal, earth, air, heaven. That glory, that resplendence of the sun. May We contemplate the brilliance of that light.

15. How does Gayatri Mantra Protect Us:

gayatri mantra

It allows one to positivity influence the environment and to use divine energy for the welfare of the world. ignorance, infirmity and inadequacy are removed through This Mantra. It Develops a feeling of peace, Makes One aware of a new power that is working within them.

16. Gayatri MantraAnuradha Paudwal Mp3 Download:

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18. Video Of This Mantra: 

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