Kanak Dhara Stotram

Kanak Dhara Stotram

kanak dhara stotra

  • Flow of money

Money is not only visible paper money or coin money but a bundle of invisible emotions, hopes, relations and dreams are there. There are many ways to attract or create money in your life. Vedic Scriptures has given Rigvedic hymns Srisukta, Kanak Dhara stotra by Adi Shankaracharya, kuber mantra and many other ways or mantras to attract money or wealth in your life. Apart from this, there are yantras -geometrical diagrams like Sri yantra, kuber yantra, Lakshmi yantra, venus yantra and so on to attract cosmic energy or money. This is available in every religion everywhere in the world. But the most important factor is our mindset. Your natural love for money will attract money in your life. Your inner openness or inner integrated thoughts or feelings for money or wealth is important. If you think money is sin or life or this world is sorrow then you are creating hurdles in the flow of money in your life. The frictionless flow of thoughts is the alchemy to attract the flow of money in your life. You have to embrace the universe as a whole if you want blessings from the universe. Parts do not bring the results in life. I have seen in my life those who love to this world, life and the universe unconditionally, money, wealth, love, peace flows into their life. Those who see always bad, negative, evils in this universe, generally they suffer money-wise, love wise and peace wise. The only reason is that they are filled with full of frictions from inside. You have to be receptive, you have to open yourself, you have to see divineness in everything everywhere in this universe. We are not separate from the universe. More you are innocent, more you are with the flow of universal energy. Meditation helps to be innocent and clears your mental blocks, which hinders your progress and richness in your life. Any evil thought is poison.

  • Money is God - - Love it
You may be agreed with me or disagree with me but this is the bitter truth. Just moving in a philosophical plane will not solve our matter level problems. God is truth may be O K., But money is also the truth. We may do lots of mental gymnasts, that is another level of debate. God word is very very misunderstood or confusing word. All fights in this world are around God. Your God, My God, Your Dharma, My Dharma... When we say God-realization is the answer to all problems of life. We only mean self-realization. Our own pure self is God. Adi Shankar says everything is Brahman. Everything is the expansion of Pure Consciousness. So Pure Consciousness is the only reality., you can give any name to this reality God, Allah and what so ever you want to name it. Everything is the manifestation of unmanifest self. We live in a relative world so we will confine our talk within the relative field. Money is dynamic energy, a Spiritual current to meet our material goals. All you aspire from God Power---- Money Power Provides. So God is working through Money Power. Money, Joy, God all these are synonymous.
After all, money gives you joy and happiness. Bliss starts to swim in eyes., you are delighted., so there is light in your eyes when you receive money. a state of joy. Rigveda has given hymns, Srisuktam, Adi Shankar gave Kanakdhara Stotra to become rich and to live in joy. Money in Vedic term, we call Lakshmi to achieve your Lakshya or target or goal. All religious leaders gurus always talk against money. because they can not make everyone rich, they do not have anyway. , But they become rich. All religious gurus and Preachers are rich but all talk against money. Money is God in motion. All your activities revolve around money. All your relations, status, honour, happiness, peace etc revolve around money. When money is nucleus So why not love money. Ages we have been deprived of abundance and richness. Believe me, I have not seen God but I have seen God working through money. Embrace life and embrace money. Love money, respect money. Those who condemn money power are either fool or making you fool.. ----There are many ways to attract money and abundance in your life, you can apply them but become rich. When you become rich then the only country becomes rich. Do not waste your valuable life in elusive words, enlightenment, inner peace, higher consciousness and so on. First, fulfil your material need then only jump in the spiritual domain. That is another level of debate. or experience. Life is a hard truth and money is the only solution. When you are hungry then you only need food to survive not the lecture on food technology.---Be very practical in life. LOVE YOUR LIFE. -rest in next blog thanks

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